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USARS member programs offered here at New England Roller Sports  and demands that its skaters combine a careful balance of precision, strength, and artistry into a single, impressive performance. Our skating program provides basic training towards these goals for skaters of all ages – from beginner classes to senior level championship competition. Skaters can participate in one or more categories – Singles, Pairs, Figures, Dance, Team Dance, Precision, Show skating and even Hockey or just have fun with their skills.

Each class will give you the knowledge to take you from a beginner to an entry level competitive skater.​

There is no need to start with the Basic program if you are already comfortable in any of the offered disciplines. 

They all start off with skills to teach a brand new skater.

  • Inline/Roller skating is an activity that the entire family can enjoy year round.

  • Figure Skating can be learned at any age.

  • Inline/Roller skating can be done indoors and outdoors.

  • Improves gross motor skills which helps with balance and coordination.

  • As your skater progresses through the Star Skate levels, they will be rewarded with certificates with each level mastered.  

Many are familiar with the winter Olympic sport of figure skating on ice, but did you know that we do in-line figure skating right here in the Concord region?

Our In-line skating program uses the Star Skate curriculum endorsed by the USA Roller Sports Association.  This is designed to be the best beginning roller skating program that serves the needs of both the recreational and competitive skater.  Through this program, our coaching staff helps skaters achieve their goals, whether it be Olympic fame or to simply enjoy the recreational benefits of skating.  Our mission is to provide a fun and positive experience that will instill a lifelong love of roller skating.


Classes are grouped by both age and ability. Each class is 60 minutes in length. There is a practice session available on the same day either before or after your group class. Skaters are tested every eight weeks on the skills for each level and promoted to the next level upon mastery.

Skaters may enroll at any time.  We offer year round training and currently we are located at the Manchester Baller's Association 3 Sundial Ave. Manchester New Hampshire.  

Our head coach is Hanna Burnett.  She has over 35 years of professional training with figure skaters both on ice and off ice.  Hanna has worked with competitive skaters from Canada, USA and Europe.  She brings her talent, experience and professionalism to the program and provides a fun and fit environment for all levels of skaters.

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What are some of the benefits of roller skating and/or learning to compete?


The benefits of roller skating run the gamut from health benefits to building life skills and simply having fun.


Roller skating provides aerobic, strength, and endurance benefits.  Research shows that roller skating can provide an aerobic workout similar to running that improves cardiovascular health.  Recreational skating also causes less stress to one’s joints than an activity like running.  And, skating’s low-impact quality also allows people with joint injuries or chronic joint problems to enjoy a fun and thorough workout.   


Roller skating helps build strength, especially in the muscles of the lower body.  The various leg-extension and rotation movements required for skating work the thigh, shin, hamstring, butt, and calf muscles.  Stronger muscles and better coordination work together to prevent injuries and keep you active and limber as you age.


In addition to increasing muscle strength, roller skating can help increase muscle endurance, according to  Adding a few uphill climbs to each skating session trains your muscles, along with your cardiovascular system, to use the body’s energy stores more efficiently.  This means you can skate longer distances without becoming exhausted.


A low impact, aerobic activity that can be as effective in burning calories and working the heart  as running, skating can be done indoors at a rink, with or without music, as well as outdoors in good weather.  

In addition to the health benefits, training to become a good competitive skater builds strong minds and teaches skills useful throughout one’s life.  Among these are self-confidence, goal setting, dedication, effective time management, mental endurance and focus, good memory/recall, cooperation, and teamwork. 


And, finally, whether you enjoy the camaraderie of belonging to a skating club, or simply enjoy rolling in the beautiful outdoors, or shuffle skating with your friends on a Saturday night at the local rink or at the beach … whether it’s inline skates or quads … skating is simply fun for everyone.

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